Filipino Sculptor Wins Two International Awards in Switzerland

Filipino Sculptor Wins Two International Awards in Switzerland
Gilbert Alberto and his winning entry at the Symposium International de Sculpture in Morges,Switzerland
(Left- EWALD BRIGGER, the Founder ; Right- DIDIER VAUCHER, the President)
Filipino Sculptor Wins Two International Awards in Switzerland
Alberto with Ambassador Leslie Baja

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Igorot sculptor Gilbert “Bergano” Alberto bagged the two (2) major prizes at the 2013 Symposium International de Sculpture held last month in Morges, Switzerland. He bested thirty-one (31) other participants from sixteen (16) countries from around the world.

Alberto’s winning piece, “Swiss wind”, a wooden version of the Swiss traditional musical instrument, alphorn, was chosen from among the works of fellow sculptors from Europe, the US, Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East.

His entry got the “Prix du Public 2013-Bois”, an award voted upon by the public through a ballot box, and the “Prix des Artistes 2013”, voted upon by the participating artists through secret balloting.

The other two awards, “Prix du Public-2013-Pierre” and “Prix des Artistes” went to Swiss artist Harriet Daniel and Spanish artist Patout Ariane, respectively.

Alberto and the other participating sculptors were each given the same size of stone and/or oak wood (depending on the participants’ choice of medium) with no particular theme. Each sculptor was given the liberty to work on the subject of his choice. Alberto chose the alphorn for its similarity in sound with the traditional instrument of the mountain people in northern Philippines.

In 2011, Alberto also won two awards in the same competition, using stone as his medium of work.

Alberto is a self-taught artist and believes in the spiritual world as a means to effect social change. He prefers to use environment-friendly materials such as driftwoods for his sculptures.